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Design Trends that will dominate 2020

Design Trends that will dominate 2020

Like any other design, packaging design also tells a story. It communicates the message and content of the product, who it’s for, and it also helps to communicate the brand’s proposition in the market. In the current saturated consumer landscape where thousands of new products are brought every week, standing out among them is tougher than ever before.

This has prompted the need to create diverse and creative custom printed packaging designs for businesses and brands. Below are the hottest and unique trends both in sense of aesthetically and functionally which are impacting the product packaging designs.


Gradients are widely used by packaging designers and brands to create fresh, creative and eye-catching effects by blending various colors and combinations. Such gradients also look great both in digital and physical forms especially when they are printed on custom packaging boxes. For example, custom printed eyelash packaging boxes, cardboard retail packaging boxes, etc. This design will be a great trend in 2020 with the new dimension and depth to packaging diversity across the industries and markets. Bold and luminous gradient, shinning from the shelves, such designs are successful pretty much.


When it comes to appealing custom packaging designs, minimalism isn’t going anywhere for good reason. Successful brands are focusing on simplicity, fonts, textures and printed messages carefully. They always show an honest element in their brand identity. They influence their customers by keeping the minimalist a vital property in their packaging designs. Simple shades, colors and blond gradient are combined in a way that guarantee the product manufacturers that their product will stand out on the retail shelves to appeal maximum potential customers.


Another rising trend in the packaging industry, the stripping color palette with just two elements: Black and White. The combination of these two colors can create some beautiful and interesting dialogue with grayscale packaging design. These two colors can help you create some in-depth illustrations and intricate shades in your custom packaging designs.

Simplification is one of the biggest influencers in the packaging design trends in 2020. A combo of black and white can really punch the feeling of the customers when it comes to presenting the product in the crowd or in any shopping mall. They can be used successfully when launching a new product in the market for the first time.


Going plastic-free is a trend that we should all embrace. In this year, a number of fantastic advances are being shown in the renewable and compostable packaging materials. Businesses are now focusing on reducing the use of plastic that creates massive waste & harmful toxic in the environment. They are implementing plastic-free strategies and urging the use of paper packaging for more sustainable and efficient packaging industry.


Vintage refers to old-fashioned labels, handwritten fonts and darker colors which are used to appeal consumers of all ages. Such high-quality illustrations where cartoonist and fictional brand characters are being used to help your brand and gain more customer’s attention.


From beverage to candy packaging, the calm yet the impactful charm of pastels can be seen on packaging boxes nowadays. Powerful pastels combine with various patterns can be used to create some solid remark for the customer to make a purchase decision instantly.

The above six packaging design trends will definitely be taking over the packaging industry and almost every packaging supplier and manufacturer would be recommending these creative designs to their customers. If you think there is any design trend that you want to share with us, please let us know on our “contact us” page. We would love to articulate the idea.

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